Long Bridal Hairstyles

Long Hair Choices For Your Wedding Day

Your long hair can be one of your most important accessories, and your wedding day is no exception. Depending upon the headgear you choose to wear on your wedding day, your hair can be a major focal point.

Long hair can be worn in some of the most beautiful styles imaginableÖ from cascading curls, loose sultry waves to half up-half down styles that can almost literally take your breath away. Consulting a professional hairstylist is the best way to start shopping for the best hair wedding day hair style.

long bridal hairstyles

Long luxurious hair, whether straight or curly, thick or thin, is a hair dresserís dream. With a little imagination and a willing client, the hair professional can create the wedding hair style of your dreams. All thatís required of the bride is that she shares her dreams with her stylist and that she show the stylist a photo of her gown and take her jewelry and headgear to the salon at least once. This way, the stylist will be able to create a hair style that not only compliments the brideís face, but also flatters her gown, her jewelry and her headgear as well.

As a rule of thumb, brides with elaborate veils should wear simple hairdos, with their long hair either in a bun at the nape of the neck or styled in such a way as to not compete with the veil. If, on the other hand, she decides to wear a simple veil or flowers, combs or hair jewelry, she has more hairdo options available to her.

Her gown also plays a big role in the way she wears her hair. If she decides to wear a princess ball gown, she would want to wear her hair are bigger and higher or in an updo. If her gown is heavily decorated and beaded, she should choose a hairdo that features lots of curls and randomness. The long haired bride who wears a vintage gown will look best with a hairdo that features finger waves or thick curls that compliment the memories of the eras these gowns evoke.

A strapless gown, on the other hand, would look best with a half up/half down hairdo. If she opts for an off the shoulder gown or a gown with a halter top gown, she should wear her hair up and off the shoulders to accentuate her neck and shoulders. Why wear a gown that shows off the shoulders and then cover the up with hair?
Regardless of the gown or the headgear, the bride with long hair will have tons of fun selecting the right hairdo for her wedding day.

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