Caring for Your Hair

Caring For Your Hair Before The Big Day

Having healthy, beautiful hair is a necessity for your wedding. With the right planning and the right process, your hair will be absolutely stunning, not only on your wedding, but for the rest of your life. All you need to do is follow these simple rules to not only look wonderful but also feel great about the way you look.

  • Avoid doing anything drastic to your hair during the week leading up to your wedding. Do not try a new hair color or a new cut or style that you have not already experimented with You should always cherish your wedding pictures and not hide them because you had a bad hair day.
  • Plan early. The ideal time to start planning your hair style is right after choosing your wedding gown. Get a picture of yourself in the gown. If it is being made, go to a nearby bridal store for the photo so you can get a visual image of your gown’s fit and style. Use the pictures to determine the style and image you want, then decide which hair style best reflects the image you want. Peruse bridal magazines to get an idea of what styles are available. After identifying your favorite two or four hair styles, show them to your hair stylist and talk about which one would best suit your hair type, the shape of your face and your wedding theme; then try them out to see how they actually look on you. Get pictures of yourself in each of the styles. You will know which style is right for you when you see it! If your wedding is going to be out of town, take pictures of your finished hairdo along with pictures of the styling process to the stylist who will be doing your hair on the big day so he or she will be able to see exactly how you want your hair to look and exactly what they need to do to make it happen.
  • Experiment with color when you decide on your hair style. The right color or highlights can be spectacular if done properly but the wrong color can be a disaster. Figuring out what does or doesn't work early gives you plenty of time to make corrections and try other options.
  • Drink plenty of water and take lots of vitamins. Within just six to eight weeks, you will see a magnificent change in your hair. An added advantage is that you will feel wonderful and your skin will look and feel softer and more supple. Water washes away toxins come form stress and the environment. The most essential vitamins are zinc, found mostly in beans; vitamin A, prevalent in dark green vegetables; and B6, found in eggs. Herbalists recommend black currant oil for hair that is dry or thinning. Vitamin or organic grocery stores carry hair and skin vitamins that are good for a fast fix.
  • Don't over shampoo. Most commercial shampoos and conditioners contain harsh detergents that strip hair, leaving it dull and lifeless; commercial conditioners that stop frizzes rob your hair of volume. Specialty salons and retail outlets specializing in organic personal care and grooming products are excellent sources for healthy hair care products.
  • Color or retouch your hair two to three weeks in advance. This allows plenty of time to reverse any damage.
  • Deep condition your hair one week before your wedding. You want your hairdo to hold up through several intense hours. Deep conditioning on your wedding day or the day before will make it difficult for your hair to hold a style over an extended time. | Resources | Add Links | Privacy